Sonntag, 18. September 2016

the Purpose of Life

Men have mind and women feelings more highly developed. Men must feel, and women must think—both must be fused into one for real understandings. Either alone can give nothing. Think what you feel, and feel what you think. Fusion produces another force.

Religion for some is useful, for others policeman. We fully realize small terrors, as for example, finding a mouse in our beds, but we cannot realize the terror—of death. If we did we would live differently. But life prevents us realizing this.

Purpose of Life. Just vibration transmitters. Moon-fodder. We are sheep kept to provide wool for our masters, who feed us and keep us as slaves of illusion. But we have a chance of escape and our “masters” are anxious to help us, but we like being sheep. It is comfortable.

12th February 1924
"Gurdjieffs Early Talks"

He who knows his moon can understand the cosmos

Kundalini at base of spine prevents our seeing things as they are; it is the representative of the moon; it is necessary for life, for if we saw things as they were we’d hang ourselves.

He who knows what his moon is and does can understand the cosmos.

G.I. Gurdjieff
Gurdjieff´s Early Talks 1914-1931

bravery in war is only a manifestation of mass hypnosis

All wars, all disputes, all misunderstandings, all misfortunes, all experiences which seem terrible when they occur, when they have passed we can see are not worth a hall-penny. In this sense, as if from a fly one should get an elephant, and now from an elephant a fly. The reason for this is always the same property of the man, that he reflects reality in the reverse.
During such events, all are slaves, and all are under a general hypnosis. Where is the dignity attributed to man? Where is man with his free will?

It was always so and it will be always so with the masses, because if there will not be slaves, there will not be masters, there will not be life.

But at the same time, to some men it is given to get out from beneath the mass hypnosis. Men so little realize this mass hypnosis, that the one who is more or less free from it, appears as a being of a lower order.

That which is called bravery in war is really only a manifestation of this mass hypnosis. There exist whole nations which reckon the others cowards, as for example, the Russians the Jews. But the Jewish drummer who, according to the understanding of the Russians, out of cowardice hides in a ditch during the battle, is really a more normal man, more free than they are. That which he has is personal, while for the others, everything personal is missing. There remains only the mass hypnosis. He is the slave only of his personal qualities, while they are twice slaves.

 G.I. Gurdjieff