Samstag, 28. Februar 2015

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the Akhaldan society founded Old Egypt

and so these surviving members of the Akhldann Society looked for another place on that continent for their permanent existence more suitable for carrying on their work, which demanded complete seclusion.

They found a suitable place in the valley of the large river flowing northward on that continent and they all migrated there with their families, in order to continue in seclusion to fulfill the tasks undertaken by their society. The entire region through which this great river flowed they first named 'Sakronakari.' This name was afterward changed several times and today that region is called 'Egypt,' while the great river then known as 'Nipilhooatchi,' is now, as I have already said, called the 'Nile.'

Beelzebubs Tales

Dienstag, 10. Februar 2015

Gurdjieff was a great man

I say Gurdjieff was a great man because, having seen, he went on looking and never was satisfied until the end of his life. Nor did he ever set himself up for one who had reached finality. People with revelations are rare but not very rare. Humble people are rare; but people who see something and remain humble are very, very rare.

J.G. Bennett - Making a Soul p.82

Dienstag, 3. Februar 2015

Five points of Objective Morality

The five points of objective morality are like the five fingers of a hand for handling situations:

1. Number one means keeping the three brains of the body serviceable. 

2. Number two is constantly to be pondering the meaning and aim of existence - not necessarily with any hope of solution. Man exists to be the mind of God and as mind ultimately to understand the meaning and aim of existence. Preoccupation with this problem makes all other problems relatively easy.

3. Number three is the obligation to make Being-effort: the effort of doing. This is not necessarily a visible activity, or concrete work, but it is effort. Obligation of this kind is to keep oneself exercising - effort-making.

4. Number four is to cooperate with others who aim at the same objective reason.
5. Number five is duty - to ease the burden of His Endlessness. Unless you make effort, it must be made for you. Now the burden is just upon His Endlessness.

A.R. Orage
source: Orage with Gurdjieff in America