Montag, 31. Dezember 2012

past joys are useless

He said to a pupil: ‘Past joys are useless to a man in the present; they are as last year’s snows, which leave no trace by which they can be remembered. Only the imprints of conscious labour and voluntary suffering are real, and can be used in the future for obtaining good.’

C.S. Nott - Teachings of Gurdjieff p.109

Freitag, 28. Dezember 2012

Bennett like Judas; Pentland like Paul

Once he pointed to me and to an old friend (Lord Pentland) of mine sitting next to me, saying: "Mr. Bennett is like Judas; he is responsible that my work is not destroyed. You are like Paul; you must spread my ideas." In the sequel the second part at least of this prophecy was fulfilled, for the friend in question took the lead in securing the publication of All and Everything.

J.G. Bennett - Witness p.263

Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2012

Commander of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre

...and went on to say that he is one of the four Commanders of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, and have special order. Page said, "I bet you wear it the wrong way round," and he laughed and said, yes, he never forget his grandmother.

He said how the head of this Order came and spent several weeks at the Prieure, and used to go to the highest part of the Russian bath there. "He very big valise (stomach) have: this very comic thing - erverybody wish laugh, but only interieurement - he not tail of donkey." And how later this man died in his sleep - "In evening, lie on bed, sleep. In morning, not wake up - die." And, "Truth, he deserve such die, without suffering - he very good man."
Idiots in Paris 1949 p.28

Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2012

the real Santa Claus

 "What my nickname among you children?" "Must tell me if you wish bonbon." I tell him my younger son had called him "the real Santa Claus." This is to Mr. Gurdjieffs satisfaction.

Friday, December 24: Christmas Eve.

In preparation for the holiday, Gurdjieff asks me to buy flags from all the nations of the world. Then he has me construct an Enneagram to hang as "our flag" amidst all the national banners.
The Gurdjieff Years p.106

Freitag, 21. Dezember 2012

a method not taught in books

It is not enough to say ‘Know thyself’ and it is always a shock to be told about one’s dark side, for we do not wish to see it.

Gurdjieff’s system provides a technique,’ said Orage. ‘You can be told of your faults for years, but unless you make the right kind of effort yourself, you will remain the same. His system has a method not taught in books, by which you can learn little by little how to make this effort to know yourself, but you must be prepared to work for a long time—for years, perhaps—and there will be long periods when nothing seems to happen and nothing in oneself seems to change.’

C.S. Nott - Teachings of Gurdjieff p.33

Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2012

3 stages of Inner Alchemy

The whole of alchemy is nothing but an allegorical description of the human factory and its work of transforming base metals (coarse substances) into precious ones (fine substances).

The study of the work of the human organism as a chemical factory shows us three stages in the evolution of the human machine.

The effort(second stage) which creates this 'shock' must consist in work on the emotions, in the transformation and transmutation of the emotions.

The third stage in the work of the human organism begins when man creates in himself a conscious second volitional 'shock' at the point mi 12, when the transformation or transmutation of these 'hydrogens' into higher 'hydrogens' begins in him. The second stage and the beginning of the third stage refer to the life and functions of man number four. A fairly considerable period of transmutation and crystallization is needed for the transition of man number four to the level of man number five.
In Search of the Miraculous / Chapter 9

Montag, 17. Dezember 2012

a special bank

Then he announced that he could write a check with seven zeros. "Even your King cannot do that!" His bank would at once honor such a check. At first I thought he was joking, when suddenly I realized that he was speaking specially to me and no one else was realizing, I said to him that it must be a special bank. He said, "Yes, only allow people who can write check at least with six zeros." This made his meaning perfectly clear, but to confirm it to myself I said, "Such a bank can only have very few clients." He said, "Yes, but now they make big reclame." Two or three more sentences were added, including his saying, "For a long time now I can write check with seven zeros."
                                    Idiots in Paris 1949 p.46

Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2012

G´s allegorical writing style

The text of this manuscript is expounded, as was done in antiquity, "podobolizovany," in the form of symbolizing, or, as it is called in esoteric science, "making alike," that is, allegorically - quite different from the form now established for mentation among contemporary people. As the difference between these forms is very well-known to me...
The Outer and Inner World of Man

But since, little by little, I had become more adroit in the art of concealing serious thoughts in an enticing, easily grasped outer form, and in making all those thoughts which I term 'discernible only with the lapse of time´...
Meetings with Remarkable Men (Introduction)

Shaykh Gurdjieff at a barber shop

When the barber had finished shaving, he took off the sheet and dropped it on a nearby chair. Mr. Gurdjieff got up and stood by the chair. As he did, the barber moved in front of Mr. Gurdjieff and with reverence leaned forward and kissed Mr. Gurdjieff’s left and then right shoulder. With that done, he stepped back a short distance, folded his arms on his breast and stood there motionless with his head bowed low.

Mr. Gurdjieff walked slowly out of the shop and I followed him, For myself I could not believe what I had seen. It seemed incredible. I had not the slightest idea of what Mr. Gurdjieff had said to the barber in the few times he had spoken. I was deeply moved to have seen this barber’s reverence there in that little shop on West 46th Street in New York City.
Edwin Wolfe - Episodes with Gurdjieff p.34

Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2012

one of the most remarkable men in history

Charles Daly King
He is the only person ever met by the writer who gave the indubitable impression that all his responses, mental, emotional and practical, were mutually in balance and thus the further impression that everyone else was out of step, but not this man himself.

The writer has no hesitation in calling him (Gurdjieff) one of the hundred, perhaps fifty, most remarkable men known to us in our history. Although he did not claim personally to have discovered all of it, the mere range of his knowledge was so far beyond that of other as to make comparisons not merely invidious but impossible.

His methods of instructing his pupils were highly individual and highly unusual and one of his principles seems to be to guard against their acquirement of too much knowledge prematurely. A corresponding degree of understanding was to be demanded and, until it had been attained, additional knowledge was inadvisable.
The States of Human Consciousness

I am "Universal"

A young woman asked him who he was: was he an Egyptian? He smiled and said no, he was "universal". Then pulling down the ends of his moustache, "sometimes I´am Chinese and sometimes" turning his moustache up and holding the ends out stiffly, "I am Italian".

Idiots in Paris 1949 p.17

Dienstag, 11. Dezember 2012

real love is a cosmic force

Real love is the basis of all, the foundations, the Source. The religions have perverted and deformed love. It was by love that Jesus performed miracles. Real love joined with magnetism. All accumulated vibrations create a current. This current brings the force of love. Real love is a cosmic force which goes through us. If we crystallize it, it becomes a power—the greatest power in the world. Later you will study magnetism in books, no matter which, it will give you material. And with love as a basis, you will be able to cure paralytics and make the blind see.
Transcripts of Gurdjieff´s Meetings 1941-1946 p. 103

Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2012

Socrates followed this method

The Greek sage Socrates was a follower of this method (the method that Gurdjieff taught) and, in order to obtain shocks for evoking an intense manifestation of his inner struggle, he even looked for a corresponding wife, and, having married her, he compelled himself to endure externally, patiently, for the rest of his life, the constant scolding and nagging of his Xantippe.
Teachings of Gurdjieff p.119